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Second run-off to be held in eight cities
Second run-off to be held in eight cities
The second run-off of mayor`s election will be held in eight of the twelve self-governing cities of Georgia - the Central Election Commission chairperson, Tamar Zhvania has defined that the exact date of the second tour of the elections will be set after all complaints are responded and the deadlines for appeal expire.
The second run-off will be held in 18 election districts, including the self-governing cities and municipalities. As for the scandal of the facts of election rigging, due to which election results were nullified in two election districts, the possibility of the second tour will be clarified after the discussion of all complaints is over. The election administration is already looking into the details of the case in Marneuli district commission, where the retired sportsman intruded into the prohibited area of the administration without a required pass
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