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IRI positively assesses self-government elections in Georgia
IRI positively assesses self-government elections in Georgia
According to the report of the International Republican Institute, the election process was well organized and was conducted in a peaceful environment.

"As a result of the changes to the election law, the vast majority of municipal officials are now directly elected by Georgian voters. When it comes to the Marneuli incidents, the international organizations will meet with the "National Movement" tomorrow in order to reflect this issue in the extensive report. The campaign period was generally competitive, however, opposition parties did note cases of pressure from local officials on candidates to withdraw and interference in some campaign events organized by opposition groups. More concerning are incidents of electoral violence and the government’s delayed response. While these incidents were relatively few in number, opposition candidates must be able to freely campaign before voters for elections to be credible. Georgian officials should investigate these reports and hold those who are guilty of violence and intimidation accountable. It is IRI’s hope that the government and opposition parties will address these concerns and prevent these actions from happening in future elections”, - the head of the mission, Bakhti Nishanov said.

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