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Kaka Kukava may leave politics
Kaka Kukava may leave politics
Free Georgia party leader Kakha Kukava might leave politics. Kukava made the mentioned statement on Rustavi 2 TV.
According to him, the population showed in the municipal elections that Georgia does not need his party’s service. "Our votes have been stolen. There was Ivanishvili's instruction about not allowing us to cross the barrier, but we also realize that our voters showed mistrust to us. In any case, the result would be low. We received a clear message from voters that the Georgian population does not need our service. In the nearest time the leadership of the party will meet and decide how and what to do in the future", said Kukava.
As for the anchor's question if he was thinking about leaving politics, Kukava noted that he was "logically thinking about it." "It is natural, I am logically thinking about it, but I do not want to make this statement directly after getting low results. I went into politics 10 years ago with my principles. I could have taken high posts in various governments but I refused them. Instead, I was always standing on Rustaveli Avenue beside our people. I have tasted batons, gas and water cannons. Our society, Tbilisi evaluated this by 2% of support, and I would be a fool not to think about the necessity of changes after all this," Kukava said.

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