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Cost of run-off has not been made known yet
Cost of run-off has not been made known yet
In the frames of the 2014 budget 34.673,300 GEL was allocated to be spent on the local elections. For the CEC it has been unknown what expenses will be necessary for the run-off and whether the amount allocated from the budget is necessary.
As InterpressNews was told by the head of the CEC planning and state purchases department, Otar Burskivadze stated, the run-off budget is being calculated and after several days it will be known whether it is necessary to allocate additional financing.
‘’At this stage I cannot tell you the cost of the run-off. We will know it in about two or three days. Some resource may be enough from the allocated money. Some resource of the allocated money may be enough or it may become necessary to allocate finances again,” – he remarked.
Several programs were put in the budget in relation to the elections: direct expenses are 27.174,500 GEL for the elections. 825,500 GEL is necessary for training administration personnel, 1.200,000 – for TV ads and 5.473,300 GEL – for sponsoring representatives of election subjects. Correspondingly, the local elections budget is 34.673,300 in total.

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