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Narmania presents his election program
Narmania presents his election program
28 April, 2014
The candidate of the Georgian Dream ruling coalition for the Tbilisi mayor, Davit Narmania held the presentation of his election program today. The presentation was in presence of the Hall of Supporters, which will be staffed by the famous public figures. Davit Narmania spoke about the main priorities of his program.
`In my pre-election program, the focus is made on numerous problems that worries the capital for years - this is the creation of attractive environment for residence as in central part of the capital, so in the regions recently added into the borders of Tbilisi. We shall intensively work on preparation of the general development plan of the capital, right projection, greening projects and development towards the youth and culture development. We also have the issues of municipal property and financing rational management issues on the agenda,` Davit Narmania said.

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