"Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia”
“United National Movement”
Shalva Natelashvili Election Program
Nine steps for the victory!

1. Electing Shalva Natelashvili as a President will be the guarantee of democracy, peace, justice, national and territorial integrity of the country, per person, family, despite ethnic and religious affiliation. The process of reconciliation with Abkhazia and Ossetia will immediately take place.

2. The country will become the space for cooperation between world’s poles.

Will be restored friendly relations with the Russian Federation. There will be reached with Russia, the U.S., the EU, simplified visa regime for Georgian citizens. The strategic partnership with the United States and UN will continue in close cooperation. The Caucasian peoples, economic, cultural and political integration processes will take place.

3. Education from Nursery - to the highest, will be fully financed from the budget. Students will be restored to fellowship. Increase lecturers – teacher’s salaries. Talented student will be massively sent abroad for education, at the expense of the state. All the sport schools will be free. Sport organizers will be appointed locally.

4. Health care, including emergency operations will be financed entirely by the state. The salaries of medical personnel will increase. The vital medicines will be totally free.

5. The important strategic facilities and resources will be returned to the state - general public ownership. Selling agricultural land to foreign citizens will be prohibited.

6. Youth policy will become a sphere of special care. Marriage, Registration, a week-long honeymoon trip, childbirth, will be financed from the state budget. From birth, children will have special bank account, where the state will transfer money till the full age.

7. State Strategy will become protection of small and medium-sized businesses. Fixed impose taxes will be assigned, cashes will be canceled, financial terrorizing of workers and endless testing - fines will not be allowed anymore. Everything will be done for business to lead peasantry to the Russian mass market, and the export of products between the two countries will be resumed to the free movement of capital and labor.

8. The reform of the political system will be made. The heads of municipalities, cities, regional administrations, and judges will be electing.

9. MP Institute will be abolished. The costs for elite expenses will be significantly reduced. The co-habitation will be stopped.

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