Tamaz Bibiluri Election Program
Homeland, language, religion – Ilia Chavchavadze
Speech of Tamaz Bibiluri about presidential intentions – with the way of Ilia

I, Tamaz Bibiluri as a presidential candidate, at my famous ancestors resting place publicly declare: to serve Georgia, my people, their interests, to defend the millennia-long-established traditions of our ancestors; with the centuries-old experience of hard work and struggle and with my hard work to give people decent living conditions, the ability for building the future, in order to reveal the talent of our people, the creative potential and ways and means of future development; to take care of our children, the future of the country, strengthen the connection between generational - relationships, to involve people in the process of progress of the country.

The reason of recent major disasters of the historical development of our country and people is in the 1991-1992 criminal coup of the state - putsch with fatal results.

In recent years is going on a process of peacefully subduing weak countries (including Georgia) by the governments of the individual states, political and other influential groups, with actively using conquer methods (Economic, psychological, informational, demographic, puppet government, bribing voters, a spy NGOs, artificial opposition parties, land, energetics, destruction of national traditions. etc). Georgia and the nation is at the brink of death because of based violence, social inequality, rooted cosmopolitan thinking and the work of some poor political management in the country. The means of saving the country and the nation I consider:

1. The neutrality of Georgia
2. The legally protected principle: Georgia to be ruled by government with national ideology.
3. The current system of management to be changed with new more efficient system.
All our past times tragedies were result of rise hate on love. Today these sordid feelings are spread in public and political life. As at Kuji and Farnavaz eras, the process of losing freedom and enslavement to foreign countries is still ongoing. The major events of 1921, 1991-1992, the so-called Rose Revolution and political game of cohabitation should not be repeated. Our people do not need obtruded colorful revolutions. People need legality, fair - law and the developed country in conditions of neutrality.
Georgians good will and love of homeland is a prerequisite for the restoration of justice in Georgia, national unity, building a civil society and happy future. Let’s follow Ilia’s way.

By accomplishing my presidential program, Georgia and Georgian people will succeed. Georgia will become one of the leading countries in the world. We do not need obtruded another country model to develop our home country. We have and we will have a Georgian model of developing an independent democratic state of, which is based on social justice, tradition and experience.
We should save Georgian nation from death.

As in 1990, we are still standing at the crossroad. On the one side there is Christ’s way, Ilia’s way or the way of saving, which is through the restoration of justice and national unity, and the second – the way of Barabbas (the modernized enemy)! Chose Georgians!

Speaker of New National Movement “Samshoblo”

Presidential candidate of Georgia Tamaz Bibiluri

Tbilisi, Mtatsminda, Pantheon of Writers and Public Figures 26.08.2013