Levan Chahua Election Program
About the program:

We fight for the creation of Orthodox and moral state. This in no way implies a theocracy, because the orthodoxy itself is the most tolerant religion and the church has no ambition of taking part in the management of the state. We will definitely collaborate with the patriarchy and use the wise suggestions and authority of our patriarch, because we think this would help creating new Georgian state, on the bases of our saint ancestors.

Constitutional reforms:

We believe that at this stage it is necessary to create a parliamentary republic, where parliamentarism larger doses will be spent, other than a republican form of government. We should for once forget about the president because it has been irritating for them and they have no longer trust. Parliamentary republic, parliamentary monarchy is essentially similar, except that here the head is a hereditary monarch.

We wish, finally, to establish a parliamentary monarchy in Georgia. The President of the Republic formally has broad rights, but the governing is the priority of the prime minister. The main defect of parliamentary republic is said to be the government instability. To avoid this many constitutions try to soften parliamentarism.

Bagrationi dynasty’s reign ended in 1801, since then, the dream of Georgian people was to restore the ancient dynasty. This means having governor, who does not govern. The king is a guarantor of country’s unity and wellbeing of its citizens.

King or president:

King is the guarantor of stability.
The guarantor of unity.
King is forever
By having the monarch we will show the world our 23 century history.
Having monarch will raise responsibility.
Monarch is the symbol of territorial integrity.

Before we move to constitutional matters, we should discuss the theoretical ideas of its development. Monarchy – not a tyranny. It’s a form which excludes using power for the evil. The dismissal of parliament is possible by the decision of the PM. Its formed by the act of monarch. The main priority is contrasignation, it means that decisions of the monarch are valid only after the signature of PM or the competent minister.

King’ obligations:

A) to like and announce laws
B) Invitation and recall of parliament
C) Make a referendum according the laws of constitution
D) To announce the leader of the party, who won elections as a prime minister.
E) To assign or resign members of the parliament
F) give medals, orders and so on.
G) To manage the summing session of the year
I) presents the leader of the army
J) Make amnesty acts according to law
K) represents country during the visits in foreign countries.

Following the father of a new era of democracy Montesquie advice and foreseeing Georgian nation’s deep reverence to orthodoxy The Constitution should be amended Clause, which prohibits any act of the king, to make a countersignature.

External politics:

We believe that the guarantee of a successful foreign policy is balanced domestic policy. We should renovate to deal with America, Europe and Russia but only foreseeing Georgia’s interests. We accept everything that will help to restore our territorial integrity.

To restore territorial integrity we should use public diplomacy, multi-race families – the wisdom and authority of the patriarch Ilia.

The sexual minorities won’t have the right to come out and make propaganda of their sexual life. They won’t be allowed to make manifestations on the streets.

The society should be informed about the conditions proposed by NATO. They should know its minuses and pluses. After this we should make a referendum and decide everything only this way.

The relations between Orthodox Church and other confessions should be regulated by the concordat. The priority should be given to Orthodox Church but other confession’s right should also be defended.


The conception for the Georgian army should be defense doctrine, which implies reserve strategy. We should create new defense doctrine, where the goals for defense politics will be defined for the future.

Coming from peculiarities of today’s international system a new term was created -Territorial defense power. Georgian regular army should consist of 30, 000 military workers, plus the mobilization resource should be edited. By doing this we can shorten expenses for defense and use this money in other fields.

Georgia will never create huge enough army to defend enemies, so this should be foreseen in the budget.