"Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia”
“United National Movement”
Nugzar Avaliani election program
Political ideology:

Nugzar Avaliani is active follower of Marx - Engel - Lenin – Stalin’s scientific heritage of creative development and practical implementation point of view. According to “The Communist Party” program requirements for its development as a modern communist party, members and activists committed have the following strategic directions:

1. The revival of socialism, its achievement return, production and life, promoting the socialist rule in the first place - the industrial potential of the enactment of employment and unemployment.

2. The establishment of the People’s Councils in the form of legislative and executive bodies of the workers, peasants, intellectuals, most hard-working elected representatives.

3. Traditional sovereign states, brotherly, friendly relationship recovery, first of all economic relations.

His political creed is based on the basic social principle that the welfare of society determines each person’s well-being, but in the national idea, strong, independent, socialist is the follower of highly developed Georgia.

New Georgia, which we will build together, will have:

1. Conditions to all citizens to peacefully and decently live. For the gradual restoration of the territorial integrity of the country, foreseeing fraternal Abkhazian and Ossetian people’s interests, the inherent rights and freedoms.

2. Establishment of true democracy and the protection of citizen’s; rights, honor, dignity and freedom.

3. Determined tasks that involve guaranteeing the personal safety and social security, housing for all citizens, permanent source of income, quality health services and education;
4. gained genuine political and economic freedoms; declared neutrality; agreement - serving partnership and good-neighborly relations with Russia; equal and mutually beneficial ties with the U.S. - and the world - OS other countries; Georgia joining NATO.

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