"Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia”
“United National Movement”
Giorgi Liluashvili Election Program
Presidential elections will be held on October 27. Please, Georgian citizens come to the polls and vote for me. You are the force with whom I and my team will be able to implement all the programs that will raise the country.
The most important is returning lost territories, which is Georgia’s biggest pain. My team and I will try to ensure that, before the expiry of the term of my presidency the jurisdiction of Abkhazia and South Ossetia will be re-established. The IDP’s will proudly return to their homes.

1 Formation of a strong middle class and promotion to legislative level. Start paying off the debts to repay depositors in the first place (the procedure is to start within 2 months)

2 Improving and developing the education system, making it accessible for everyone. (The pre-school, school and higher education institutions to fully state subsidized) to raise salaries to teachers and their assistants, as well as professors, based on their merit and experience.

3 Improving health system. Providing Prophylactic treatment centers with modern equipment and giving people access to this service. Development and promotion of local production of medicines. (Which provides employment and production at low prices) Increasing medical staff salaries according to their merit and seniority.

4 Lowering the retirement age for men to 60 years and for women to 55 years. To maintain pension and salary to those, who work. Define and determine the minimum wage taking into account a fair market price.

5 The development of agriculture and fertilize barren land. Promoting the sale of produced grown of the rural population.
Create favorable conditions for storage to processing enterprises.

6 To make Georgian army according to modern standards and uniting with NATO.

7 Establishment of decent pensions and benefits for veterans of war. To set matching benefits to Veterans for individual and collective business case.

To bring up the Veterans Hospital to modern standards. Open to them treatment and rehabilitation centers.

8 To give special attention to people with individual named nosology and homeless children. To take effective measures for their education, employment and active integration in the society.

9 To improve security in police and law enforcement agencies. Staff training and perfection of retraining.
10 To revise and reduce tariffs and penalties for violations of administrative law taking into account the State’s minimum wage requirements.

11 Penitentiary systems should be reformed. Prison should be changed to mixed-type prison system: prison, correction zone. Giving increased time for visiting to prisoners with light and relatively light sentences. To build special rooms for married couples.

12 Consider drug addiction as a disease. To increase funding for treatment of drug abuse and alcoholism and help them integrate into society.

13 Introduce modern technologies which will allow us to reduce the energy trains (electricity, petrol, diesel and gas) consumption and therefore reduce pay less money.

14 To introduce the alternative identification cards (both chip and without chip category) so the population should be given the opportunity to decide which documents give the priority.
To start the employment program and support the development of big and small businesses. Establish tax exemptions, granted low-interest (3.5%) loans from banks, small enterprise development. The rehabilitation and modernization of departments and factories in industrial areas and employment of local professionals.

To open training courses for mastering modern technology.

A) To finance and start the construction works to repair amortized and damaged residential areas. To immediately repair public schools in accordance with international standards.

B) Extended simplified procedures for ownership of the agricultural lands to the whole territory of Georgia.

C) Modern technologies and standards on paving roads, at the same time providing for drainage channels (to avoid rain water flooding homes and roads rushed)

D) Promote sports and cultural development of the country’s population. To organize sporting and artistic intelligent competitions.

E) It is necessary to look over the social problems of refugees living in housing.The promotion of employment at state agencies and private business. Significant benefits for their private business establishment.

F) The rehabilitation of forest parks and squares.

I appeal to the people to support me to celebrate the victory of Georgian soul in the elections.

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