"Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia”
“United National Movement”
Teimuraz Bobokhidze Election Program
Being the President of Georgia, my priority task will be to restore the Georgian jurisdiction within the borders recognized by the International Community. What is an obstacle to the restoration of the territorial integrity is the international disposition, more precisely put, the factor of Russia. Yet, I am one hundred percent sure that if we turn back to the sphere of Russia’s influence, the restoration of territorial integrity will fail. So, I believe, we have to shunt, so to say. This other way should start with the building of a state, according to the principles of European democracy, helping the country’s economy to get back on its feet, attaining the membership in NATO and EC, and also, in parallel to this setting up the citizens' diplomacy with the Abkhaz and Ossetia peoples to the extent that become willing to stay in our political space than to get into an unnecessary adjunct of Russia’s ambitions.
Although I disagree with the today’s majority on a number of issues, my opinion is concurrent with theirs, in this respect: I absolutely agree with this policy. We have been promise that at the Vilnius Summit, Georgia will receive the status of an associate member of European Union. I would sincerely declare that I will spare no effort to see Georgia a full member of both European Union and North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

Georgia should, so to say, get its share, having the benefit from its excellent natural / geographical location. We should definitely have good neighborly relations with the bordering states but we should remember that none of these bordering states (I don’t specific, from the North or from the South) should misuse our good neighborly relations, that is, to benefit from these attitudes and relations to our detriment. This attitude – when your neighbor is not at all interested in your success – will never result in or promote good neighborly relations.

The second issue that I would like to see realized is the foundation of All-Caucasus House. I believe, Tbilisi can become a center of this organization, which I would call (just conventionally) the Caucasian Confederation, even “ProtoParliament” of the Caucasus“. So far, however, that’s all detail I would go into. As regards for the Black Sea basin countries, a lot of things have to be done here too: those countries which are EU member countries should do more to help us to become an EU and NATO member country.

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