"Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia”
“United National Movement”
Teimuraz Mzavia Election Program
Decisive important task, that faces the state of Georgia, is withdrawal of troops of the occupation forces of the Russian Federation from the whole territory of the Georgia, restoration of territorial integrity of the country and dismounting the Bolshevik system of government - the legacy of previous regimes. For the solution of these most important tasks is necessary the national accordance of (in) Georgian society, which should be based upon a recognition of the fact that Georgia is a unified, indivisible and secular state, where by the constitutional agreement approved a special place and function for the Georgian Apostolic Orthodox Church and, at the same time, religious freedom; impregnable and unconditional the Georgian State right to exercise its jurisdiction over the entire territory of Georgia, including Abkhazia.

In addition, impregnable is the Will of the Georgian nation to restore the loving interrelation with Abkhazian people and possess a concrete juristic scheme for this realization; in Ckhinvali region to create one more "Osseti'' is inadmissible. "South Ossetia" is invented by the Russian conquerors name and created by them territorial - administrative unit, and for existence of which there is neither historical, nor legal, nor economic, nor the cultural and moral grounds have not had. The optimal organizational variant for realization of specific interest of Ossetian inhabitants should be recognized the functional variant of autonomy; that in Georgia the only ethnic minority is the Abkhazian people, and all the other ethnic groups - are the Diaspora. The state policy for ethnically non-citizens should be integration without assimilation; that the Georgian - Abkhazian - South Ossetia “confederation" was based on creation of a union by voluntary agreement, which will be legally easily disintegrating.

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