"Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia”
“United National Movement”
Nino Burjanadze Election Program
Territorial integrity:

The territorial integrity restoration should become a top priority to our state policy. Any indefinite delay of this process is intolerable. We should begin with energetic, methodical actions to solve this problem. Our policy considers restoring the territorial integrity, returning of refugees, providing security to the people living in the conflict zones. Coexistences with Georgians in the same state should come into full compliance with the interests and aspirations of the people living in the conflict areas. Conflicts can be resolved by a consensus, taking the interests of all parties into account. The success of one party should not automatically mean the failure of another.

1. The first stage priority is encouraging the public diplomacy, all kinds of contacts (human, economic, cultural, educational, media, etc.) with Abkhazian and Ossetian sides;
2. Gradual solving of the accumulated problems through direct dialogues. The main principle of conflict resolution – focusing not on what separates us from each other, but on what puts us in touch and will connect in the future.
3. To restore the country's territorial integrity, it is essential to provide the country’s security, which involves political, economic, military and other components. It is necessary to significantly update the concept of comprehensive national security.
4. Georgia has to transform from a subject of the international relations system to its equal entity. Preventive diplomacy should become a basic principle of our policy in the field of security;
5. Any adventurism in international relations, tensions between the centres of influence and conflict provocations should be excluded;
6. Our state public policy should be directed not to a clash of interests of the super-powers, but in coherence of these interests. Instead of a polygon for the interests’ collision, Georgia should be formed to a space of the interests’ coherence. Along with the deepening of Euro-Atlantic relations, a process of adjusting the relationships with Russia should be carried out;
7. The maximal rapprochement with the EU, achieving the association and free trade agreements and the prospect of full membership prevail within the neighborhood policy frameworks.

Defense and security policy:

The organizational structure of the Ministry of Defense should be based on the national security concept and adequately respond to national security threats and challenges. The system should provide defense of Georgia’s independence, territorial integrity and national interests. The National Defense Strategy and a 5-year plan of the Armed Forces should be developed, based on the national security concept. Functions of the civil part of the Ministry of Defense and those of the Joint Staff should be clearly delineated, politicization avoided and the civil control of the armed forces effectively carried out. At the same time, all conditions should be created in order to increase the combatant efficiency of the armed forces. Of vital importance for Georgia’s development is providing its security, which includes political, economic, military and other components. It is necessary to adequately and comprehensively review and update the national security concept. Georgia should become a subject of the international relations system, but not just remain a subject as such. Preventive diplomacy should become the basic principle of our security policy. It is necessary for the security to avoid any adventurism in international relations, tensions and conflict provocations between the centers of influence. NATO-relations should not be directed against the third countries’ legitimate interests, but serve to the security strengthening in the region. The maximum convergence with the European Union within the neighborhood policy frameworks, achieving the conclusion of association and free trade agreements and the prospect of full membership are of priority

Local self-governance

Democracy begins with a local self-government. The self-government powers and financial resources must be enhanced in order to enable them to ensure the proper arrangement of local infrastructure and provide the public services to population. Permanent public assemblies should be elected in every village and every urban district, which would provide active involvement of the population in the decision-making process carried out by local authorities. The president will be an effective guarantee of efficient functioning of the local self-government, and ensure that the central government does not interfere in their activities. The regional governance will become stronger and the governor’s institute will be qualitatively transformed. Adequate powers will be delegated to the regions and they will receive stable financial resources, in order to enable them providing the region’s sustainable socio-economic development through the use of its comparative advantages


The economic recovery is of the highest importance for the unemployment problem solving. How can we achieve it? This and other questions asked here are already answered. The government should not create jobs - it should support businesses to create jobs. Among other things, one of the most important issues is to find sale markets for the key products – jobs are needed to eliminate the unemployment problem, and, accordingly, needed are also the factories, where these jobs could be created. To build the factories, there should be a demand on key products of these factories, as well as a stable sale market. Thus, to solve the unemployment problem, we need to find and open the stable sale markets.

Education policy:

We will develop a concept of continuous education that will also create a basis of the common law on education; we will modify the school, university, professional and pre-school education content (standards, programs, books) by adopting the national concept and educational goals (doctrine):
1. A new model for educational systems will be created;
2. A management scheme for education will be established;
3. Inspection and methodical services will be established for the educational system;
4. Appropriate and flexible mechanisms of attracting or managing the qualified personnel will be created;
5. A new principle and scheme of the teachers' professional development will be elaborated;
6. A modern model of teachers’ certification will be developed;
7. Permanent labor contracts with teachers will be reintroduced;
8. Free and democratic Boards of Trustees will be elected;
9. New rules for school safety will be developed;
10. A new, democratic and non-corrupt accreditation system will be created;
11 A new multicomponent system of school certification exam (certificate rating, character
certificate – recommendation) system will be established, based on which the applicants will
be admitted to the institutions of higher education.
12. The Academy of Sciences needs to be reformed; the dismantled and sold scientific and
sectorial institutes have to be restored. Moreover, there is a dramatic necessity of establishing
new scientific institutes;
13. Teachers’ minimal salary should exceed three times the minimum living wage;
14. Affordable 20-year educational and student loans should be introduced;
15. The state should also fund two-year vocational colleges, where the students will be able to study practical specialties and crafts after graduating from secondary schools.
Health care:

The primary health care needs to be enhanced. The declarative approach to this key link needs, after all, to be replaced after so many years. An actual emphasis should be made on the examination and treatment of diseases at their early stage, which is better both for the patients and the country’s economic. Particular attention should be paid to the former district doctors (today known as family doctors) – the specialists, who provide the first general medical assistance to the population – in order to make their working conditions and motivation actually conforming to the great task that is entrusted to them by the health care system, and to what they are expected to achieve. We should in truth appreciate the hard work of these professionals.

Strategic Partnership:

Maximum convergence with the European Union within the neighborhood policy frameworks and achieving the conclusion of association and free trade agreements, and the prospect of full membership are of priority. At the same time, it is necessary to establish good neighborly relations with neighboring and other countries in the region. We must mention our very special positive relations with Turkey, which has always been an active supporter of economic, political and military cooperation with Georgia. Our country attaches great importance to the highly strategic cooperation with neighboring Azerbaijan, to which we are linked by many political and economic ties. At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen the ties with Armenia. In recent years, the former government's reckless and unbalanced policy towards Russia has undoubtedly brought Georgian-Russian relations to the deadlock, which resulted in Russian-Georgian war in 2008, 20 % of occupied territories, and Russia's recognition of Abkhazia and the so-called South Ossetia. Even 5 years after the war, we feel it’s terrible consequences every day; it’s clear example is the so-called “Border «demarcation activity, started by Russia. It is clear that only diplomatic protest notes are of insufficient effectiveness for moving the conflict from the dead point and restoring the territorial integrity; the reality requires starting a higher level dialogue between Georgia and Russia. Only then could a chance for the refugees to return to their native land become real.

Sexual and ethnic minority rights:

The persons of non-traditional sexual orientation should enjoy the same rights guaranteed by the Constitution of Georgia and shall have the same responsibilities, as the citizens of traditional orientation. In Georgia it's always been and will always be so. The President shall be the guarantor of rights of each citizen. Particular attention should be paid to significant qualitative improvement of the state language (Georgian language) teaching in the areas of compact settlement of ethnic minorities, so that the non-Georgian population is given the equal starting opportunities of receiving the high level education and full involvement in the political and economic life of Georgia. At the same time, the minority settlements should be provided the opportunity of receiving basic education in their native languages.


We have to determine the country’s economic trends that should be the priority for the country, which has never been done since the establishment of Georgia’s independent. Priority economic trends should be determined from this perspective and reflect the legislative level. In order to motivate the small and medium-sized businesses, we consider it necessary to increase the value added tax threshold from 100 thousand to 150 thousand GEL; again, in order to encourage the businesses, in the case an enterprise reinvests more than 80% of its profit, both the reinvesting and receiving enterprises should be exempted from income taxes in the next year; due to the short tourist season periodicity in Georgia, for those legal persons engaged in the tourism business in tourism regions the property tax differentiation should be established by the law according to the seasonality; it is necessary to create an anti-monopoly service subordinated to the President, which would be one of the guarantors of creating and protecting the competitive environment in the country.


We believe that the tax law should reflect strategic development trends of the country. It should be stimulating the country's economic development. One of these trends is the support of small and medium businesses. Considering Georgia’s particularities, the taxes should not be linked to property, but to incomes. All of the above has been reflected in our electoral program. As for income taxes, we would like to offer an innovation – to tax extremely large incomes at increased rates, so that the wealthy strata of the society could express its solidarity with the population. In particular, the incomes exceeding 100,000 GEL per year (salaries, bonuses and additives) should be taxed at the income tax rate of 25 % instead of 20%.

Agricultural land.

Foreign citizens should be offered to take long-term leases of land for specific agricultural and industrial projects. A long-term lease may be established for a quite long period of time (50 years), and the lease payments should depend on the project orientation, and those for the socially oriented projects may even be symbolic.
Other Presidential projects:

Project “Golden Fleece”

Only 50% of Tbilisi residents are active users of the internet. In the regions this index is much lower. Georgians, who are from the birth very intellectual and creative, have no possibility to access the newest technological and information data. Modern developed country’s existence is impossible without all that. The project “Golden Fleece” implies the two year program of internetisation of the whole Georgia.
The free technological zone will be created. (Similar to silicone zone) the zone will provide youngsters and all interested persons with starting knowledge. Business incubators and educational centers will finance the tuition fee. For 2015 there should be provided quality internet, like in India and European countries, in all small towns. Our citizens should have the possibility not only to access but to information but also the ability to conduct their job. In modern world work division is tied to internet service. More than hundred-thousand working places are made because of this and our nation will have the possibility to express their talent.

Project “Everyone for Georgian village”

Georgian Orthodox Church is working on many social projects but very often they have serious problems. The state will support the initiative of Patriarch for supporting the recovery of Georgian village with every possible means. The young families living in villages will be solely supported as well as village doctors and teachers. Another program of patriarchy concerning production of ecologically clean production will also be supported. It will become one of the major directions in Georgia’s economy.

Project “Georgian Home”

It’s necessary to realize the state program for providing people with dwelling places. Young families should be given the minimum of 100 000 square meters of space per year. This needs creating non-profit fund to which land and money will be given free of charge. So young families will pay the third of the real price for their ouses and the money will be returned back to fund to support other families

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