"Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia”
“United National Movement”
Giorgi Targamadze Election Program
•To unite Georgia and ensure security

A necessary condition for the restoration of the territorial integrity of the country is DE occupation. In this regard, it is important to negotiate with Russia to upgrade Sarkozy – Medvedev’s 7-point plan for implementation. In this regard, it is important to continue an active foreign policy to maintain the non-recognition policy. Restoration of relations with Russia is important in terms of the dangers of religious extremism and fundamentalism as a threat to both Russia and Georgia. The prospect of cooperation in the Caucasus territories is in parallel with the start of de-occupation process. Russia should consider South Caucasus, North-Atlantic Cooperation Organization factor not as a threat, but rather serve as a deterrent, Just as it happens in Afghanistan. Otherwise, the process of disintegration itself will be inevitable in the long run in the Russian Federation, which will be the threat to Georgia. The united Georgia – with the powerful western partners and the united Russian Federation protected of religious and nationalist threats, is a strategic interest of both countries. This concept can become Georgia – Russia’s lead to further negotiations, restoring DE occupation and territorial integrity of the country.

•Georgian integration in European structures:

The main concern of President should be the safe, democratic and economically powerful state, to restore country’s territorial integrity and universal prosperity. Foreign policy’s one of the main priorities is the country’s integration in NATO. Therefore, in a military point of view NATO is the one of the only Alliance, which Georgia seeks. However, no less important will be deepening the individual partnership and bilateral relations with strategic partners in military, political, and economic aspects.
We find strategic partners of Georgia the United States and the European Union countries, especially the United Kingdom, and the so-called Eastern bloc countries like Poland, the Czech Republic and the Baltic Sea countries. On the other hand, Georgia activates relations with major Asian political and economic forces, such as China, India and Japan. This is the market, which is equal to half of the world and at the same time very serious investment force. In order for to happen Georgia realization as an energy transit corridor between Europe and Asia, our country should develop friendly relations with the Central Asian Republics and to maintain good neighborly relations with Iran. Normalizing economic relations with Russia will remain the President’s foreign policy - main priority. But this should not damage strategic interests, territorial integrity of the country and provoke the refusal of the Western orientation. At the same time, a cautious approach is needed in order not to develop excessive dependence on the Russian market and on the energy sector, which will give Russia additional leverage to influence our country. It is necessary to outline the common interests of the two countries and to continue and intensify the dialogue in international formats, with full compliance of the principles of territorial integrity and sovereignty.

•To achieve economic improvement and social welfare

Rationalization of budgetary expenditures, tax policy formation and social solidarity in fair manner; Progressive taxation and the enactment of the minimum tax; to form state politics supporting competition. small business support with particular tax initiative, the promotion of exports; formation / strengthening of better protection mechanisms for free businesses.

•To provide high level education possibility:

Should be extended financing of schools and the teachers should be given salary amount of 900 Gel and provided with computers and all necessary school books. School should be in every village. The state support should be raised to level teacher’s qualification; the system of Teacher’s preparation for University programs should be improved. The special program should be worked out to prepare teachers for teaching ethnic minorities.

Schools should start to teach orthodox culture history. The minimum of 70% of student’s tuition fee should be financed by government, the student’s from big families, and high- mountain regions should get the full scholarship.

Will be created an electronic library of manuals, for which will be translated more than thousand studying literature a year, it will be placed in special site and will be available free of charge, students who stopped studying should be allowed to pass exams and if certain criteria are met, the state should give them the opportunity to continue their studies; Preschool system should be returned to the Ministry of Education and should be funded at the expense of the state budget; The pre-school educators should be given the status of teacher; the funding of vocational schools should increase and the colleges closed in recent years should re-open.

• To guarantee the orthodox church its unique place given him by constitution and to defend faith and religious freedoms.

•To maintain Georgia’s permanent values and cultural traditions as well as support their transformation to new generation.

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