Koba Davitashvili Election Program
In the new model, which will be launched after the 2013 presidential election, the president’s powers are decreasing, but still remain substantial powers, which allows for the efficient implementation of a democratic society - the people rule.
President’s immediate objective is to implement the government of people, it is impossible by limiting the president’s powers to: by new constitutional model, the president and the society, become natural allies and their interests coincide. Thus, it is important for the president to be independent, do not represent any political party, serve only to people credited his victory to the people and not any political force in the country or other countries.
The President should rely only on public support. New Model of the Constitution gives him the proper function: to initiate any 200 000, or Parliament, or by the government to raise another referendum. This function was not used in any of the previous president, because, traditionally, every president had a constitutional majority. The President may appoint a plebiscite. To politically active president, with limited powers, but public support, the new constitution gives many possibilities to solve problems actuall fot the society.
External politics:
One of the main functions of the president is to present the country’s foreign relations. Foreign policy is domestic policy directly related to the main issue: the restoration of its territorial integrity.
Georgian politics developed at a rate of two directions: pro- West and pro-Russian, which is strongly opposed and mutually exclusive positions. Mine as a presidential candidate’s position on this issue is tsentristic- This objection must be used to spend own national interests, which is based on our historical experience and known thesis of British politics - We do not have permanent friends, we have permanent interests, which should become a basic principle of our foreign policy.
By my model, because there are pro-Western and pro-Russian political forces in the country, there must be a coalition of three political center of the system: Pro-Western, pro-Russian and pro-Georgian unity of political forces. The president should be the leader of the pro-Georgian force. by the new constitution, he is assigned the functions of the arbitrator.

To undergo balanced policy, it is necessary that the president is not the representative of any political camp. Choosing specific foreign - policy direction road will only hurt the country. Pro-Russian pro American and pro-Western forces are represented in parliament, forming the government, but there must be a force balancing them-
– - The President, who, with the support of the community, should not cause a government crisis, if we see that the way, which the political wing has offered, does not reach its goal, changing the Government should support Country’s development
Unemployment and Social Policy
The issue of unemployment is closely related to social policy. The current social care system is inefficient - it is absolutely wrong and unfair. Moreover, on the one hand, it contributes the growth of unemployment, on the other hand, maintaining a high level of unemployment.
First - Instead of existing one, we must develop a new model, which, first, means the assignment of points by revenue; and by property.
Second - Family aid per child.
Third - Instead of helping poor people should be given unemployment aid, 3, or 9 months.
At the same time, the state must offer professional training courses to citizens registered to the labor market, after that offer a specific job. If a person refuses to change the qualifications and being employed with a new profession, they wouldn’t get unemployment aid.

Administrative Reform
The President has the most important function, which now isn’t having a big meaning: He is the head of the Civil Service Bureau. If the President is the head of the bureau and carries out this function and actually will enact administrative reform, this will allow us to create a professional and principled public servants Institute, who do not perform illegal orders.
It’s important to establish the new format of the competition. It means cancellation of interviews, because this institution has lost the general idea of an objective assessment of the competition. In Public Service must stop an Institute of Friendship, and the people shall be appointed on the position not by the decision of interview, but in an objective and impartial criteria.

It is not the direct function of government to create jobs, moreover, the inflated public office is burden for budget. Thus, our priority should be to promote private sector job creation. There are numerous ways to stimulate job creation: monetary - credit policy, tax policy and focusing on medium and small business development. And a fixed taxes on small businesses.

Should be fulfilled Georgian Dream’s pre-election promise and healthcare must become universal. The basic package, which will be financed by the state, granted to all citizens. Additional insurance packages will be placed under the administration of the insurance companies.
Should be destroyed an ugly system when the state money is administered by private insurance companies. The mission of healthcare policy should be the development of healthcare – and not the insurance business. We see the healthcare policy as quality and affordable health care - Focused on the patient, not on keeping so-called insurance business with the state budget.

Pension by seniority and merit still remains a priority. Each year of the work must be appreciated and to be added one Lari on each work year to the basic pension amount. It would be a bit of a cushion for retirees and will destroy the sense of injustice.

Georgia is the only post-Soviet country, where still remains unresolved deposits’ problem. I, as a presidential candidate, have initiative to pay deposits back with real estate, particularly, land privatization to be carried out with cash books, which, on the one hand, will prevent land privatization on foreign citizens; on the other hand, painlessly will solve the seemingly unsolvable problem. It should be an amendment to the Constitution, which will give private ownership right of owning rural - agricultural land only to the citizens of Georgia; at the same time, the land should be privatized with cash books, which ensures land transfer in Georgian citizens’ ownership.
Paying deposits back with real estate is profitable for the state, because it does not bring much of the burden on the budget. We will also have benefits in terms of economics - so we can avoid inflation. The depositors will benefit doubly, unlike cash, real estate, and especially – land, is not losing cost over time. The cost is only increasing.

Decriminalization of Drug-related Crimes
It is necessary to decriminalize drug-related crimes, which meant the abolition of criminal liability, but putting severe administrative sanctions, fines and administrative detention as well. My project means that these sanctions are aimed to push people to the treatment. A person will be free from fine and be administrative detention if agrees on treatment. Our goal is not to fill the budget through fines and locking people in prison, but – reduction of drug addicts, which, in my project is quite realistic.

Acute demographic problem is even more aggravated by disorderly legislation regarding abortion. Despite the fact that abortion is permitted by Georgian legislation, in the total number, illegal abortions are 80 percent, which is associated with selective abortion: In fact, the girls’ genocide is going on. Because this is a delicate issue, together with improving legislation, the state should offer an alternative to future mothers who because of different reasons do not want a child. In particular, take into account foreign experience and to implement the program, something like witness protection program: The state for future mother, who don’t want to announce her pregnancy, will providing short legends, which will allow them not to kill the child and return to their normal lives after childbirth. On the other hand, it will make easier adoption for childless couples who are waiting their turn for years. Moreover, it’s possible to include childless couples in the program. The government should provide mediation between these two sides and anonymity of the program. The initiative on the one hand, will reduce the number of abortions, and on the other hand, will have a positive impact on the demographic situation.

Restoration of Justice
The fair demand of society, restoring justice, consists of three elements:
The first is - to punish those people who abused authority;
The second - return of unlawfully seized property to their owners;
The third - people illegally dismissed from jobs, return in the workplace.
The main axis of the restoration of justice is the judicial reform and the role of president is indispensable in this process: with the new edition, it has a right to appoint the chairman and members of the Supreme Court and other judges.
Justice must begin with restoring unfairly dismissed judges. In 2005, the judicial reform of Mikheil Saakashvili, which was a reorganization in reality, resulted in the massive reduction of judges and new judges were appointed on their renamed positions. We must restore the pre-2005 year judicial system, and dismissed judges - in their workplace. On the one hand, it will ensure the complete independence of judges; On the other hand, the judges appointed in this way would be naturally motivated restore justice: They will be the first to whom the justice has fulfilled, it will give them the stimulus to do justice to others.
Fair and efficient judicial reform will allow us to restore justice in other areas as well.