Mikheil Saluashvili Election program
Our presidential program (see http://www.ufali.ge/), has the common name – “ shining Georgia by the name of God”, consists of two conditional. In particular:
1. The national religious part, where the subject of the spiritual mission of Georgia is discussed; and
2. The national political part, where the subjects of the existing fundamental changes in the political system are discussed. From centuries of spiritual mission, mankind's pace - the Lord Jesus Christ in glory for the second time stated earlier, the last time before confirming signs that the developments in Georgia identified (see program). Coming from the centuries, the spiritual mission of Georgia is to inform the mankind about the earlier time of the second coming of Jesus Christ in glory, i. e. the confirming signs of the End Times, which is identified through the events, that occur in Georgia. And the biblical End Times are coming to an end. The world, waiting for this great moment, is standing on the threshold of this largest transformation If the substantive side of our overall motto, "Choose life in order to live," is properly understood by the Georgian nation and the reasonable decision, in the remaining time to the stated boundary, my merit as the president of Georgia (if it will be the God’s will), will be totally directed not only to Georgian residents, but in general, to properly conduct the spiritual preparation of the humanity. According to the biblical suggestion, The Judgment Day will be the end of the time when the perishable will pass. The arrogance will be executed, unbelief will be rooted out, and justice will be strengthened, and the truth will light up. And then no one will ever be able to save the life of perished, and the winner will not be doomed to death either ... [3 Ezra 7,49].
In order to adequately finance the scientists and professors – teachers, who work in the field of education, the State must provide the appropriate sources, so that every level passing from kindergarten to higher education, in parallel to the private sector, would be as much as possible accessible for the total majority of population of Georgia.
The tax system has the great and important role in the formation and development of the State. One set of fixed payments with an option for physical persons and legal entities established under the so-called Progressive tax system, which was adopted by them to the final (net of expenses) income cut. One of the interesting versions is, in parallel to the fixed taxes of physical persons, to implement the so-called Progressive tax system for legal entities that will be cut from their final net income (excluding the costs).
The appropriate development of the economic field depends on the existence of the organized political system and its normal functioning. Our presidential program implementation issues, in particular, is to declare orthodoxy as the State religion in Georgia, and to achieve a permanent military neutrality, and establish the regional international organization - "The Caucasus Peaceful Home" – will be one of the main basis of the growth of economic indicators in the country.
Local self-governance: Our presidential program foresees the existence of the unitary state, based on the regional principle. The main purpose of the action of the local authorities is to implement the most important right of the country’s population, which is called their appropriate involvement in governing the Country. The governmental vertical built on the regional principles, must be based on the document, adopted in 1985, - "The European Charter of Local Self-Government," Strasbourg, 15.X.1985 year. Given a key principle: "Local self-government denotes the right and the ability of local authorities, within the law to regulate and to manage the substantial share of public affairs under their own responsibility and according to the interests of the local population "(Article 3.1). The detailed analysis of our vision can be found in the following collections protected by the National Library: M. Saluashvili, "The changes to be taken in the Georgian Constitution, connected to the regional breakdown in Georgia”, Tbilisi, 2012 year.
Territorial integrity:
In order to restore the territorial integrity of the Country and to restore and strengthen the
Friendship between nations, our presidential program foresees taking several major steps, in

1. It is necessary to carry out the political – legal evaluation of the coup d’état, at the
Intersection of 1991-1992 years and the criminal regime established since that time.
2. Orthodoxy to be declared a State religion of Georgia;
3. Georgia to declare the permanent military neutrality;
4. By the initiative of Georgia, to establish a regional international organization consisting of the states in the Caucasus region;
5. To solve the problems, which we are facing, by peaceful means.
Sexual and Ethnic minority rights:
Every citizen of Georgia, regardless of his sexual orientation paraded or covered, should have the equal rights. According to the Christian morality, it is necessary to fight against any form of sin, and not the person who committed this sin. Every citizen of Georgia, regardless of their religious or ethnic background, should have the equal rights. The Government must ensure that every citizen of Georgia, in parallel to maintaining his identity, should correspondingly possess the State language knowledge, which in turn will be the main prerequisite of the integration of religious and ethnic minorities in the public – political life of the State.
Strategic partnership
In order to ensure the governmental independence and territorial integrity, Georgia must do the following:

1. It must take into account the interest of the world’s leading countries, following our country’s geo-strategic location in the Caucasus region;
2. We must refuse to the probability of becoming a polygon the confrontation of forces having the different political views;
3. Georgia must be the one to fix the desire of taking the firm step towards the neutrality, which will undoubtedly contribute to the peaceful resolution of the geopolitical confrontation;
Georgia: must become the State, which would have the active military neutrality!
1. Guiding with the desire to obtain the status of country having the permanent neutrality:
2. We will send a proposal to the United Nations Secretary-General to raise the issue of a
Permanent military neutrality in front of the UN Security Council's permanent (and
temporary) members to become the guarantor of Georgia’s permanent military neutrality;
3. We will send a proposal to all the member States of the United Nations (and non-members) in order to have the mutual agreement, to acknowledge the status of Georgia, as the country having the permanent military neutrality.
Regional cooperation:
I, as the President of Georgia, set as one of the main goals of my activity, to make Georgia the regional organization: the initiator of - "The Caucasus - The House of Peace. It will be based on the principal subjects of international law - the good will expressed by the sovereign states to make their own contribution to strengthen and develop peace and universally recognized democratic principles in one of the most important regions. Issues related to the above topics have been covered in detail by us and is kept in the collection of the National Library in the following collection: M. Saluashvili “International Regional Organization: “Caucasus House of Peace (CauHoPe)", Tbilisi, 2012 year.
Defense policy:
Based on the principles of permanent military neutrality, recognized by our country, Georgia must have the military service, built on the principles of contract and reserve systems.
Security Policy:
National, cultural, and political security (the unity of living conditions) of the country, covers the various components. In particular, the strengthening of governmental independence, ensuring territorial integrity and security, internal political and economic stability. Overall understanding of these issues and ensuring them is the main basis of the national security of the country.

Artificial termination of pregnancy apart from the existing cases of the mother's life at risk, based on the morality principles of Christianity must be banned.
Taxation and credit:
Based on the settlement of the mutual obligation, the creditor has the right to require the debtor to perform certain actions. Therefore, one side (creditor) of the settlement of has the right to require from the other party (the debtor), for the fulfillment of bilateral obligations, action defined by the law.

Agricultural land:
The place for the Robe of Christ and the land of Georgia the Destiny of Virgin Mary, first and foremost belongs to the God and later to the citizens of Georgia.