"Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia”
“United National Movement”
Mamuka Chokhonelidze Election Program
The program is based on the national as well as international experience. From this experience, we have a special importance for humanity, social justice, and liberal - democratic principles. All this has reflected in the “common soil” theory, which for Georgian society - the highest achievement of political Ideology. In terms of modern political ideology he represents the conservative, liberal and social - democratic values peculiar synthesis. Ilia Chavchavadze was the ideologist, the synthesis of these values in the carrier.

The arrangement according to the principles of the state is political conservative, constitutional monarchy similar to Britain’s positions in state government. According to the human rights and freedoms, it is liberal and social cooperation and justice, according to the European Social - Democracy positions. In the case Ili Chavchavadze’s mates are Akaki Tsereteli, V. pshavela, Niko Nikoladze, Jacob Gogebashvili, Mr. Jorjadze, Varlam Cherkezishvili, Spiridon Kedia, Bishop Gabriel and Ivane Javakhishvili.
This theory includes more than two dozen legal, political and social - economic principles that are reflected in certain sections of the program. In addition, we are aware that the formation of the Georgian nation and its national heritage, together with further development, it must be based on international experience. National and international experience in reconciling the common ground is theory methodology. Happy understandings of each other, so this is a universal method for the determination of Ilia. It is necessary to consider the strategy and tactics in determining its political orientation, determination.

This orientation is the essence of integration with NATO and the European Union. Subcontinents Georgia, together with the Caucasus is a bridge connecting Eurasia, East and West, North and South. This favorable geopolitical and geographic location shall be the basis of our country’s political and socio - economic development of its domestic and foreign policies.

Our entire hate rise is due to the tragedy of the past era. These base feelings are still reign in us, in our political life. Yes, the greatest victory is the victory on ourselves, and we all need to learn to fight egoism and ambitions for the benefit of our country and people.

Unfortunately, even today still threatens us with the loss of freedom and enslavement to a foreign country, 1921 year should not be repeated. National unity is the only way to avoid this danger, and the “common ground”. We should understand what means to create a truly free, truly independent, truly national state of national ideology and national economy.

To achieve all these we have to follow Ilia theory, which is the only way for building in the future.

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