Avtandil Margiani Election Program
Dear fellow citizens, after receiving from you authority mandate my main responsibilities will be:
1. To immediately adopt strict liability laws in the Criminal Code for the figures, which do not fulfill the promise given to the people.

2. Coming from Georgian national interests, to make real foreign policy concept: To immediately restore brotherhood, friendship and good neighborliness with Russia taking into consideration Eurasian specifics of Caucasus.

3. From the very first year will be managed the territorial integrity of Georgia and peaceful relations with the Abkhazian and Ossetian brothers. To collect different fields under the management of the state, taking into consideration the specification of the regions. By the Priority of social justice, free use of land resource, freedom in selection of thrift (collectively, farmers, cooperative, and so on.)

4.Recovery and Development of national educational and scientific potential, free education in nursery - gardens, schools and institutions of higher education, sports, culture, government support.
5. Distinguish the real minimum wage, pensions, imposing a progressive increase, merit consideration. State care on socially vulnerable, under age and all social levels. Imposition of maximum rate on pensions of War and Labor Veterans. To start depositors refund process.

6. Funding from the state. To merit a decent salary to all public employees, including teachers and doctors.

7. To ensure religious Freedom for Georgia, following David the Builder Traditions (Be a man, manly, and pray where you want ).
8. To necessarily establish the eldest Advisory Board, which will consist of people honored before the nation and with the country’s public and political figures. 33 members in general.