Mamuka Melikhishvili Election Program
1. To restore Georgia”s territorial integrity, friendly relations with neighboring countries, (Russians, Ossetians, Abkhazians) political stabilization and developing relations with the EU and NATO.

2.monthly,andannualcompensation increase for
Families of those killed in the struggle for the restoration of its territorial integrity,

3. Stir the patriotic spirit of the young generation, to arrange special evenings and military campaigns.

4. Environmental cleanup, planting fruit trees, vintage, and more help for farmer in Picking fruit and citrus

5 .To increase Pensions and salaries.

6. to maintain Cultural heritage.

7 Eliminate the problem in all areas of sports and the arts.

8 . Agriculture Strengthening

9. Defence Strengthening

10. To review programs for Socially exposed families

11. Use the health care system and insurance policies in a right way.

12. To establish business department

13 To improve citizens relationship with banks