"Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia”
“United National Movement”
Sergo Javakhidze Election program


The president and his government recently allowed the political and economic failures, which posed a threat to the existence of our state, our country’s economic stability and development. We present a specific program, which will make it possible to stop the economic crisis and put the economic and social policy to the right development, guarantee safety for our country, for our family.



Our plans:


The parliamentary system of governance (European model) will greatly contribute:

To avoid the authoritarian and autocratic government

Development of civil society and political parties.

The political consensus.

Stable, democratic regime formation.

National security.

Peaceful resolution of conflicts and the union;

Completely will be excluded making decisions harmful and dangerous for people and implement them spontaneously. In terms of parliamentary democracy, the parliament will elect every major political party that actually reflects the will of the people of a certain part. Such political forces organically would be interested in holding free and fair elections. Independent political parties to compete are the most effective way to fight for corruption. Head of State, elected by parliament, will be arbiter and guarantor for stable functioning of the state institutions and state policy. For democratic country one of the most important: the peaceful change of government in the terms established by the constitution, free and fair elections. In terms of the arrangement will be implemented executive government accountable to parliament, - the government. The arrangement provides for the management of:

Defending human rights and freedom.

The institution of private property and entrepreneurship release from the pressure of ruling group.

Promote the rule of law and justice.

Our tax policy:

Income tax will be abolished.

Income tax on interest will be canceled.

Abolished VAT - a tax customs.

The income tax is reduced by 15% - up;

Financial police will be abolished

Financial responsibility of financial sanctions for violations will be determined by the police

Tax Appeals system will establish a specialized court

Entrepreneurs will have limited hearing dates.


Our budget policy

Reduce the deficit to 3 percent of gross domestic product.

2 times increase infrastructure, including export and agriculture, infrastructure, funding, which will be - 5% of GDP

2 times increase funding for education and science, which will be 5% of GDP

3 times increase in health funding, which will be 4% of GDP

2 times reduced defense spending, which will be 2% of GDP

2 times reduced funding of other law enforcement agencies, which will be 2% of GDP


Our monetary policy

United Central Bank and Financial Supervision Agency.

Stronger monetary policy and financial sector supervisory functions.

The main task of the central bank’s  monetary policy will be to maintain low inflation.

As a result of our economic policy Georgia will become economically rapidly developing country.

Reduce the tax burden and make easier administrative burden on businesses.

Georgia becomes a free economic zone.

Inflation will be low.

The financial sector - sustainable.


We achieve:

The economy’s long-term, 8-12% - growth, steady job quick creation.


The Rural Development Plan

Our strategic plan of agriculture development includes:

State investments.

Export support.

Attract private investment.

Support from the state in market funding

Struggle against counterfeit. The investments will be made in:

Industrial infrastructure, including export production enterprises;

Techniques and the implementation of new technologies.

Creation of irrigation and drainage systems.

The construction of communications.

Support for the production of quality products.

Assessment of the quality and composition of the investment of the export products and further development of its privatization.

Private investment support  thorough providing detailed information about the System of Georgia’s agricultural resources:

Establish and develop the land market.

The state will participate in the promotion of Georgian products in international markets.

We will Fight against counterfeiting, both within the country and, if necessary, abroad.

Our priorities are financing infrastructure development in the country. Our priorities for financing are:

Gas and electricity.

Transport and roads,

Water supply, sewage system and cleaning.

Communications and alternative energy sources.


Gasification and lights - warm and illuminated  country!

Gas should go to: 1. Cities, 2. Tourism and regional centers; 3.villages. Should be illuminated: 1. Cities and roads of international importance. Tourism and the District centers; 3. State roads. Transport – should go everywhere!

Our goal is to cover the entire country, with available public transport: To connect settlements and villages in the district center, regional center to regional center and regional center to the capital.

Road infrastructure - a better way to go everywhere! 1. International roads; 2. State and tourist roads. 3. District of roads; 4. Villages and rural roads.

Water and clean - clean water and clean environment!

Our priority is to improve supply, sewage systems and clean up in:  1. Cities, 2. Touristic areas; 3. Regional centers; 4. villages.

We achieve this through:

The development of peasant agriculture and infrastructure enhancement.

Our social policy and social policy goals and objectives of the major concerns of people! Revised minimum wage, to change the rules for calculating the minimum wage, reach retirement subsistence level and develop social welfare system.

The refugees will be provided with accommodation. The state’s infrastructure will become IDPs living space, or we buy them places to live in the same city / regional center village.

We will buy Infrastructure for IDPs in the same dwelling city / regional center / village, or buy them private and privatized infrastructure in existing housing.

Refugees living in rented accommodation in the private sector will be  given space in the same city / regional center / village. The economy is based on the provision of health care services: Property and equitable form of financing, state financing, which will increase to 3 – times, the private insurance system development, and real prices for orientation.

For long-term planning is needed reliable health information on the health status and performance of the system. It is necessary to take into account the cost of the health information system and foresee it in the health budget.

Our priorities in health care:

To give the state population under the poverty line decent basic insurance package.

To expand it and refine.

Recovery of Public Health, State investments in public health infrastructure.

Develop rural clinics and polyclinics, hospitals.

Create a lab network.


Our policy main part is the rehabilitation of drug addicts

According to our policy, national security policy will be part of the fight against drug abuse problem - to save the nation. Illness should not pay; we will not have to fight the man, but the disease. .In rehabilitation of drug addicts the first phase will be the implementation of the rehabilitation course. . For the second phase, is to create the infrastructure necessary for long-term treatment, regional centers in Tbilisi and Kutaisi.

We will achieve:

Fair and dignified old age and social protection of the population. To give medical services to 100% of the population - drug battle to save the nation. Our foreign policy is based on the choice of the people. They already  expressed their firm commitment to freedom and independence of the people in the ideals of democracy, European and Euro-Atlantic aspirations. This is the only correct choice for our future security and prosperity. Such a choice of national security and foreign policy are priorities of our plan.

We will conduct an open, stable, and friendly policy towards neighboring states as a reliable, stable and preferred partner, the only positive contribution to regional security.

The primary objective of foreign policy is to restore the confidence

By conducting domestic and foreign policy in a right way, we will restore the confidence of our allies. Expand and deepen our political, economic and cultural ties.

The main objective of foreign policy is dialogue with neighbors, which is crucial to our country’s existence. We will start dialogue with Russia, counter-productive to put forward without any ultimatums. . We are realistic, balanced, and we will restore cultural and political ties.

Our objective is to strengthen the country’s security

We want to unite and live together with the Abkhaz and Ossetia people. Georgia cannot exist without South Abkhazia and South Ossetia, but none of Abkhazia and South Ossetia exist without Georgia too. We need to create decent living conditions to Georgians and Abkhazians, and Ossetians together.

Our plan to build an army

Our long-term plan is to build an army  featuring NA T O standards.

To increase Funding for the Army’s GDP by 2 %.

Democratic control of procurement.

Only a professional army.


Our plan of law enforcement

Democratic control.

Financing of GDP - is 2%.

Lifting levers of political persecution

should be excluded from the law:

Excessive use of force impunity.

Drugs and guns to.

Institute of false witnesses.


The main political task is to ensure national security, foreign policy in the right direction, to ensure Georgia worthy place in the world; this can only be realistic in truly democratic system of governance.

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