"Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia”
“United National Movement”
Akaki Asatiani Election Program


The 2013 presidential elections will determine Georgian future for a long time. The specialty of these elections is stipulated by the total vagueness of the internal and external politics led by recent government, the inexistence of strategic conception and inconsecutiveness. The existing situation is worsened by the Prime Ministers decision to resign. We are absolutely insecure against economic processes going in world economy. We don’t have our own economics. The chaos, in East is extending and reaching us. Besides we don’t have consecutive relations with our neighbors, which makes future absolutely unpredicted.

Tensed international and domestic situation, gives the electorate a special mission. We have serious reasons to believe that in the next few years serious decisions will be made to determine   fate of our country.

In these conditions, waiting, passive type of politics and choosing leaders, who like such type of politics, will put the country into hopeless situation. The electors have to be very careful to choose an experienced and balanced country leader. The leader, who will not only be an arbiter but also rule the country in during all possible problems.

The election program of presidential candidate   Akaki Asatiani, which he is going to fulfill in case of winning, is based on traditions, nationalization, modernization and neutrality.


Georgian society is bearing traditional values. Simultaneously it was always open to coexistence together with other cultures. The situation has changed by the end of 20th century, when technological progress stipulated globalization. These created the necessity to defend person’s identity and freedom. The state should regulate public relations in a way to support both, globalization and national traditions

The previous government didn’t manage with all these. It was only the executor of globalization power, which was absolutely unacceptable for the tradition oriented country like Georgia.

The new political power has absolutely no position concerning this which makes to us even bigger threat.

The interests of our county and its citizens should be the priority. The state should secure the rights of its citizens but the citizens are also obliged to defend their state. These principles are the ground of Georgian state.

The state should defend religious confessions and create stable justice.

the tradition of ethnic and faith tolerance should continue but we will be implacable concerning seizure of our homeland and profanation of national identity.

The traditional family is the ground for state existence. We defend family institute. The propaganda of man- hater is unacceptable for us. This will create demographic problems and put Georgian state existence under question.


To protect the national wealth is government’s holy duty. Economics in Georgia must be socially oriented. In this case businessmen’s income will be guaranteed to invest in strategic directions of the country’s development and it will support social justice. Strategically important objects should be nationalized and then transforming to shareholding, properties to become public, a truly common - Public Property. Land is a huge national wealth. Only Georgian citizen should own a land. The lands privatized to foreigners should be nationalized, all the deals must be reviewed and rightful owners should get along term compensation.

The state must provide direct subsidies to traditional fields of agriculture. Should be created agricultural bank for special purpose financing. If Ilia Chavchavedze’s estate bank worked well in colonialism, it’s more possible in independent country. Banking sector must be nationalized, that means Georgian banks with foreigner main shareholders must be under strict state regulation. Depending on scales of Georgian economics and resources (Gross Domestic Product, unemployment, amount of Georgian citizen’s savings etc.) Credits brought from abroad must be regulated, to prevent cheap foreign products’ selling on Georgian citizens for three or more times dear and putting them in cabal condition. The state must purchase mortgaged properties owned by bank or financial organizations and give it back to previous owners, with legal right to use and future purchase, to return these properties back citizens should get a long term and affordable postponement.



Unfortunately the building of successful state could not be guaranteed. So he most important target should be to become one. Georgia should become the state of free and responsible citizens.

The state is formed by soviet structure, which is main reason for hinder development. The county needs systematic reforms. Receiving new constitution is inevitable.  In the end there must be balancing of legislative, executive and judicial authorities.

In our country there is a lack of justice and if we don’t make quick reforms we should face losing piece in the country. We share the worry of the citizens concerning the weakness of current government and we think there is the need to take quick measures

The first agenda is to recover the system of court. This is the reason for the hard social- psychological climate and tragic social conditions. we think that the authorities should resign and there place should take competent and conscientious people whose loyalty was proved for ages.

The procurator’s office demands reforms and renewal. Structural and systemic changes must be accounted for in the law enforcement system. These reforms should be carried out in accordance with local government reform.

It is necessary to change the criminal justice system, its liberalization.

We consider it inadmissible to orient country’s economy on service. We should produce real products. Economy should be based on knowledge.

Education and training must be consistent with the country’s development. Secondary education must be comprehensive, universal and free.

High and professional education system in the state must be established through long-term low-interest educational loans as well as grants. State higher education should be free as well and encouraged from Businesses.

Education and financing

Particular attention should be paid to the quality of teaching, the employment of educated people, including in the sphere of education and science. The education and science is in extremely bad position and this is the result of education reform. Recent government takes no measures and it seems they have no real conception in this sphere.

The government should lead primary and outpatient medical care. Reviving outpatient care is needed. The state should guarantee maintaining the interests of all sides.

The culture also faced problems. We have seen many international scandals and problems. the new government follows the tradition of National movement.

These conditions can only be explained by unprofessional attitude but this still can be improved through mobilizing, acknowledged people, which are quite many in Georgia.


Active neutrality will allow us the realization of multi-vector foreign policy, and will allow us to make some extent to avoid being party to international tension. The country should be declared a safe zone. This will be the best solution to start direct negotiations with Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

Resistance does not exclude the possibility of a strategic partnership. However, the strategic partnership will be possible only to the party that supports Georgia’s sovereignty.


Georgian reintegration should determine our foreign - policy and not vice versa. We should build strategy to real politics.  While NATO alliance makes us lose territories and associating with  Russia means joining  Eurasian alliance only active neutrality gives us the chance to regulate our relations with Apkhazia and South Osetia and make the joint state.

The influential political figures try to fall into decay the meaning of presidential elections. The events of past years clearly revealed the importance of having a good leader. All mentioned above will be reality if the President of Georgia becomes Akaki Asatiani.

We hope that the votes will make their choice with great responcibility.

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