Giorgi Margvelashvili Election Program
Margvelashvili names economy as the country’s top priority. He says it is important to create a stable environment, strengthen existing potential, attract investments, widen of the markets and more intensive engagement in international economical projects. Margvelashvili promises to create a new economy of employment.

Education and Science
The state will guarantee to protect the right to education, since it is one of the main constitutional rights. It will also protect the principle of autonomy and academic freedom and will create legislative guarantee and mechanisms to support it.

Healthcare reform is fundamentally important for a country to develop. We should be particularly focused on preventive medicine.

We should strengthen democracy, democratic institutions and procedures. It is crucially important for society to be fully involved in ruling the country. In this direction, local governments, political organizations and civil society have got the main role.

Under the Self-governance reform we want to decentralize the system, which was highly centralized by the authoritarian regime. Local governments need to be autonomic and not depended on the central government and accountable to local residents.

Political Parties
Once the Georgian Dream Coalition won the parliamentary elections, a single-party system stopped existing in Georgia. We support to develop a pluralistic political system.

Civil Society
The president of Georgia will always be a guarantee of autonomic civil initiatives and institutions. The president is obliged to act according to the principle of civil rights and free citizens.

Human Rights
Human rights are universal and inalienable. The aim of a democratic country is to support everyone’s rights equally. The state should prevent any kind of oppression or discrimination.

We have already started it and will continue creating suitable conditions for business. Our priorities are: attracting foreign investments, implementing new technologies, creating better export environment and encouraging Georgian production, supporting free trade regime, and increasing the country’s power economy, industrial and transit potentials.

Court depoliticization will help both to increase legitimacy inside the country and to restore international reputation. Lawyers should get free from any kind of control should only work one authority that is justice. To achieve this goal, first of all, we need to create legislative guarantees.

Ensuring National Security
The president’s main responsibility is to work for Georgia’s security. We will guarantee our country’s security by being a valuable member of the world, which can be achieved by integrating with the EU and NATO.

We have to work on improving the quality and professionalism of Georgia’s Armed Forces so that they will be ready for any kind of modern challenges.

Foreign Policy Main Points
It is important to work harder for integrating with European and European Atlantic structures, deepen relations with international and regional partners, especially with the USA and UN countries, keeping non-recognition policy and working for de-occupation.

For Georgia it is crucially important to get back its territories Abkhazia and Tskhinvali Region. We suggest to people living in those regions to build a successful and democratic country together.

Georgia to have a democratic country’s status among his international friends
European culture and values are very close to Georgian national identity. Georgia should become a European member and do its bit to build a common European home.

Foreign Economical Relations and Regional Partnership
Free trade agreement with the UN is an utterly important stimulant for Georgia’s economy. It is our priority to make an agreement on free trade with the USA. Georgia has an historical mission to become a place where Europe and Asia can cooperate. We also think about deepen our economical relations with Turkey and Azerbaijan, Black Sea and Caspian Sea countries and Russia.

The Georgian Church has an historical importance, which is underlined in the constitution. The president of Georgia will support the concordat signed by the church and the state.

Country’s main goals are, on the one hand, to maintain, popularize and spread already existing values, and, on the other hand, to help the culture to develop permanently.
Our country’s ethnical, cultural, religious diversity is a great recourse to create a rich cultural space and start dialogue between people.
The state should take care of Georgian language.

Presidential Administration
The presidential administration will involve the representatives from the fields that need our attention. These are: businessmen, farmers, emigrants, People with special needs, Students, etc. Thus, the president will always be engaged in solving society’s problems.

• The president will be the guarantee to support everyone’s rights.
• The president will be the guarantee that the political system development will be balanced.
• The president will be involved in the process of attracting foreign investments and creating a better reputation for the country.
• The president will be partner with the government and the Parliament and the society will be involved in this partnership.
• The president of Georgia will work to popularize Georgian culture on the international arena.