"Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia”
“United National Movement”
# 3 Sergo Javakhidze - "For Fair Georgia"
# 3  Sergo Javakhidze - "For Fair Georgia"

Date of birth: 14 July. 1970. Place of birth: Borjomi

The Chairman of movement “ For Fair Georgia” since 2010

2007-2010 The member of board of faction “For Fair Georgia.” Participated in self-government elections in 2010

Since August 2005 the founder and head of custom-house terminal “Opiza”

2004-2005 Deputy Head of the Tax Department, and later acting head of the same body

2004 - Tax inspection reform author and Isani-Samgory Tax Inspectorate of the district.

2003 - Adviser to the Minister of Finance, one of the leading members of the group of reformers. Under
his leadership the new structure was created - the Financial Police, where he operated the operations department.

2000 - Tax Inspectorate of Isani - Samgory district, then chief inspector.

1990 JSC the economist at “Mretzvrkinigza”. Later, the deputy director of the department.
Aducation: Juridical, Economic, “TSU” – “Thori”

Secondary education: Tbilisi 182 public School

Has a wife and 3 children

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