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The Election Administration of Georgia Central Election Commission of Georgia Decree №37/2013 On Determination of certain electoral events and terms for the Elections of the President of Georgia of 27 October 2013
Tbilisi 24 September 2013

Based on paragraph 3 of article 14 and paragraph 5 of article 77 of Organic Law of Georgia – the Election Code, the Central Election Commission of Georgia resolves the following:
Article 1. Upon being delivered from the State Service Development Agency of the Ministry of
Justice of Georgia (hereinafter the agency), the versions of the list of voters designated for public information, including information on the voters that are removed from the registration according to the place of residence or/and the registration of which is declared as invalid by the Agency shall be posted in a visible place of the election precincts, where the voters of such category were registered for the last time.

Article 2. In case of availability of possible information for relevant notification of the voters
mentioned in article 1 of this decree and identification of their actual location, further procedures to be implemented before 10 October 2013 by the PECs shall be determined by the CEC ordinance, no later than 5th day upon the entry into force of this decree.

Article 3. This decree can be appealed at Administrative Cases Panel of Tbilisi City Court (address: Agmashenebeli Alley 12th kilometre, No 6) within 2 calendar days upon its adoption

Article 4. This decree shall come into force upon promulgation

Chair of the Commission Tamar Zhvania

Secretary of the Commission Gizo Mchedlidze
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