IATF Recommendations (September 13, 2013)
The Interagency Task Force for Free and Fair Elections created under the Ministry of Justice of Georgia, Being responsible to support the conduct of Presidential Elections of 2013 in a transparent and fair environment, and thus to prevent the violations of electoral legislation of Georgia by public officers and to respond to such violations, Confirms that it is not authorized to interpret the law or to change a court judgment,States once again that existence of an equitable competitive environment is important  for every candidate, and Gives recommendations to:

1. The Central Election Commission

The Central Election Commission, efficient performance of which may have been hindered by a sudden resignation of the chairman, should give very carefulprofessional consideration to any issue related to every presidential candidate and to the decision making process on such issues.

2. Political Parties

The political parties should issue a clear instruction for their activists to refrain from   attending the campaign meetings of rival presidential candidates with the purpose of  counter-campaigning or making speeches, in order to eliminate any confrontation, even the verbal one, on the political grounds, and to enable the candidates to communicate with voters without any hindrance.